Chapter 1 – Regional 2023 Update

Chapter 2 – Ballard County 2023 Update

chapter 3 – Calloway County 2023 Update

Chapter 4 – Carlisle County 2023 Update

Chapter 5 – Fulton County 2023 Update

Chapter 6 – Graves County 2023 Update

Chapter 7 – Hickman County 2023 Update

Chapter 8 – Marshall County 2023 Update

Chapter 9 – McCracken County 2023 Update


The links below provide you access to the FEMA/KyDEM Approved 2018 update of the Jackson Purchase Region Hazard Mitigation Plan.

It is organized with Regional Plan Update Information and County Annexes, which address in detail each county and the jurisdictions within.

Appendix 1 consists of storm event data tables for the Purchase Region for the period of 1/1/1950 thru 3/31/2017 as identified in the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) Storm Events Database.

Appendix 2 consists of extracts from an exhaustive study by the Mid-America Earthquake Center, University of Illinois.  It is a detailed scenario/simulation for a 7.7 Magnitude earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.  These extracts provide damage and casualty estimates for the 25 western counties of Kentucky, with particular emphasis on the eight Purchase Counties.

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