What we do: We turn data into cartographic information, to visualize, explore, query, and present them in the form of MAPS:  County MAPS, City MAPS, Water System MAPS and Sewer System MAPS; Comprehensive Plan MAPS, Highway Planning MAPS, 911 Response MAPS; Economic Development MAPS, Natural Hazard Risk MAPS and Natural Disaster Response MAPS, yes maps, hard copy MAPS or computer MAPS. 

How we do it: The Purchase ADD GIS Team has an integrated suite of hardware and software tools to capture data (Trimble GPS and Base Station), analyze data (ArcMap 9.3.1), retrieve information (over 2.5 Tb storage), and disseminate/display the resulting MAPS (color plotters/e-files) the economic, demographic, and environmental landscape. 

Contact Us: Our GIS Lab is located in the PADD office building.  Maps to our location and our warehouse are at How to find the PADD.  GIS Staff members can be reached at 270.251.6138.

Maps of the Area: Click the links below to access our current public catalog of maps in ADOBE .pdf format.  Adobe reader is universally available to the public and the format conserves file size.  You can zoom to the portion of the map that you want, or to the whole map and print it.  A word of caution, most of the maps were designed to be printed at large size (i.e.  36”X36”) so printing a map in its entirety, on 8.5X11 paper, may not serve you well.

  • Economic development maps
  • Environmental maps
  • Maps of the Jackson Purchase Area
  • Maps of each Purchase County
  • Maps of each Purchase City
  • Photomaps of each Purchase City
  • Purchase County 100 year flood zones maps
  • Wastewater site visit maps
  • Water site visit maps

For other PADD Program map links, and project information please see: Regional Transportation Planning and Water Management Council on the PADD Website.

For an interactive map of the Commonwealth of Kentucky please click here.

You can type in a county or a city and the map will zoom to your choice. You can pan or zoom anywhere in the map. The further you zoom in, the more information will be displayed. At 1:10,000 scale the topographic map background will become an imagery background.

To visit the McCracken and Paducah GIS click here.

For more information, please call 270.247.7171 or email us.