What is an “ADD”?

  • “ADD” is an abbreviation for Area Development District.
  • There are 15 ADDs in Kentucky, each representing a multi-county planning district. Each of the Commonwealth’s 120 counties falls within an ADD region.
  • ADDs are partnerships of and provide resources to the local counties and cities in their regions.
  • ADDs perform a host of critical functions that positively affect quality of life and economic development.
  • ADDs are partners with numerous state and federal agencies, obtaining & administering grants for programs.
  • ADDs are governed by volunteer boards of directors composed of elected officials and business/community leaders.
  • ADDs are recognized for their fiscal responsibility and outstanding capabilities in professional program management.
Source: Green River Area Development District

ADD Programs and Activities include:

  • Local & Regional Planning
  • Transportation
  • Workforce Development
  • Programs for Senior Citizens
  • Develop & Administer Grants
  • Data Centers
  • Community Development
  • Business Loans
  • GIS Mapping
  • Economic Development
  • Water Quality

For more information, visit the KY Council of ADDs