Transportation Planning
Transportation Planning

The purpose of the PADD Transportation Program is to support the KYTC Statewide Planning Process.  The PADD is responsible mainly for the coordination of public input,analysis of data, identification and evaluation of transportation needs in the region, and the subsequent evaluation and prioritization/ranking of needs on the KYTC Unscheduled Needs List (UNL) for possible inclusion in the KYTC Highway Plan.  The statewide planning process involves local governments, the general public,and the PADD Regional Transportation Committee.


It is the responsibility of the PADD, KYTC Highway District 1, and the KYTC to review and evaluate the regional transportation system and all current UNL needs.  The purpose of evaluating the regional transportation system and current UNL is to analysize the data and determine the "need" for a project, assess the relative impacts on a comprehensive set of planning factors identified in federal regulations and state guidelines, and determine how the KYTC goals and objectives and the PADD Goals and Objectives are being met and addressed.  The ADD will evaluate needs for factors that can be applied and/or considered at the local and/or regionallevel.  The KYTC may provide additional consideration factors based on current KYTC criteria for the selection of projects.


The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet website provides access to various transportation data resources.  City and county maps, traffic count data and maps as well as extracts from the Highway Information System (HIS) are available for viewing and printing.


2018 Enacted KYTC Highway Plan 


KYTC DataMart
(web portal operated by KYTC to provide access to transportation data)

Long Range Statewide Transportation Plan (2014)


KYTC Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) FY 2015 - FY 2018


KYTC Traffic Count Maps & Traffic Count Program (CTS)


KYTC Bicycle & Pedestrian Program


2011 Rural Consultation Report

2016 Rural Consultation Report

2006 Rural Consultation Report





As a major component of the public involvment process and to comply with the KYTC and the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST ACT) requirements for public involvment, the PADD maintains a Regional Transportation Committee for the purpose of consultation, soliciting input, prioritizing/ranking transportation projects, developing regional goals and direction, identification and review of regional transportation needs, providing transportation information/updates and addressing any other transportation issues in the region.  The committee has broad-based membership, develops and maintains by-laws consistent with KYTC direction, and convenes as often as necessary to complete the tasks assigned to the committee.


Membership can include:

  • Elected officals or representative for each county and city of 5,000 or more in population
  • Highway/Public Works representatives
  • School Transportation Officials
  • Human Service Delivery representatives
  • Representatives from major trucking firms, intermodal, rail, airport, riverport or public transportation entities, as appropriate for the region
  • Planning and Zoning Commissions/organizations
  • Bikeway/greenway/pedestrian coordinators representatives
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Industrial Authorities/Commissions
  • Law Enforcement representatives
  • Emergency Medical Service/Fire Department representatives
  • Underserved populations/minority populations as noted through demographic data
  • Public Citizens

FY2019 Committee Membership


Committee Bylaws

Committee Meetings FY19

Committee Meetings FY18

Committee Meetings FY17


Regional Transportation Committee Mission, Goals and Objectives


PADD Public Involvement Plan


Regional Transportation Asset Inventory






Projects on the KYTC Unscheduled Needs List (UNL) are prioritized at the local, regional, district and state level every two years.  The needs on the list have been identified through the statewide planning process.  There is no set funding or implementation schedule for needs identified on the UNL.  The KYTC uses the prioritization information as input into the recommended Highway Plan that is submitted to the Kentucky General Assembly on a biennial basis.


A major part of the PADD’s regional transportation planning program is working with the local officials, the regional transportation committee and the general public in setting transportation priorities for all identified needs on the KYTC's UNL. PADD staff work with the local officials and local transportation committees to first identify the local priority.  The regional committee is tasked with setting the regional priorities. These rankings are submitted to the KYTC District 1 and the District staff complete District priorities. The KYTC Division of Planning will then review all the statewide needs and priorities/rankings. Once this analysis is complete, the Division of Planning selects the needs to be considered in the recommended Biennial Highway Plan that is presented to the General Assembly.





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